This is an email sent to Colin's Grandma Katie on the day of his 4th birthday.

I just wanted to tell you how much fun we had with the Big Words book. Colin now knows about 12 new (big) words that he didn't know before.

My favorite one from the book is PERSEVERE.

A few days after we started reading the book I asked Colin to look for something that he lost. He didn't find it right away, and I told him to keep looking. He found it and said "I persevered!" I was really impressed!!

The other day we went to a basketball gym. The hoops were standard height (10 feet?). First Colin grabbed a standard basketball and tried to make some shots. I convinced him to use a lighter volleyball to shoot baskets.

His first shots went about 5 feet high. But he kept trying. After about 20 shots he was hitting the net. After probably 50 tries he was getting the ball into the basket (see attached pic), and I said "Way to persevere!" He totally gets it.


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