Odie the Brave

Our brave (real) dog Odie is afraid of our new (fake) Dog Bark Park Dog:



August Storm


We had an intense lightning storm pass over last week. This is about 75 consecutive 5-second exposures stitched back together. I had to conver it to B/W to make it look decent as a GIF image.

Fourth of July in Clarkston

After many years we finally made it back to the Clarkston fireworks for the 4th of July. We were lighting off our own at the Oshaugnessey's house and had to hurry down to the high school. Because we were late, parking was a nightmare. Colin and I went one way, while Anne and Grandma somehow met going the other. We were walking through the Parkway school when the stadium lights went out. We plopped down and I quickly set up to take some pictures. This, I think, was the best.

Fourth of July Fireworks, Clarkston, WA

Fields of Yellow on the Camas Prairie

After passing through the prairie four times in the last couple of weeks I finally had the chance to stop and take a photo:

Camas Prairie Rapeseed

Mike & Cheryl's Wedding

Had a lot of fun pretending to be a wedding photographer at Mike & Chery's wedding on the beach in Salvo, NC!


2013 Summer Baseball


Colin's first summer baseball game was very exciting! Although he "struck out" on his first at-bat, his second time was much better. He got a single and then scored on a triple by his pal Micah! Then on his third try, he had a strong hit and got a double. In the field he played outfield and second base. Click on the picture above to see the full set of photos on Flickr.

Moonset over Wallowa Lake

After two days of crummy weather I was excited to wake up at 4AM to mostly clear skies and a mostly full moon.

I like almost everything about this, excpet for the cloud obscuring the moon and the mountain tops. I wish I'd waited in this spot for the clouds to move on, but I felt prssured to try other shots.

Moonset over Wallowa Lake

Reminiscing about Hiking the Wallowa Mountains

Anne's planned trip to San Diego had to be unexpectedly cancelled, so the family spent a few days in Joseph Oregon for the long Memorial Day weekend. Being there brought back many good memories of trips I'd taken during high school with Mr. Dole and some other classmates. So before I post anything from our trip I wanted to share the old photos I found.

Winter hiking in the Wallowas, 1985

The photo above was taken on a springtime hike with Mr. Dole. I believe we were camping at Horsehoe Lake and this photo was taken near there. If my map reading skills are any good, that is most likely Pete's Point in the background.

I was not a very experienced cross country skier, especially when it game to hills. My skis were borrowed from a friend of Mr. Dole's. My boots kept slipping and coming out of the bindings. I believe at some point Mr. Dole actually tried to re-affix the bindings to the skis using his swiss army knife as a drill and screwdriver. On the last day he offered to swap skis with me and he experienced the same problems. I never knew a teacher could use so many cursewords!

View of Ice Lake and Craig Mountain in the Wallowas

The above photo was most likely taken in 1984, nearly 30 years ago. I was trying to be good at photography and this was one of my favorites. After camping overnight near Ice Lake, we are on our way to the tops of Matterhorn and/or Sacajawea peaks. Too bad I got somebody's clothing in the lower left of the frame.

Wallowa Lake Vacation


We spent Memorial Day this year at Wallowa Lake. Our friends happened to have a little house/cabin for rent in Joseph, so we stayed there for two nights. On our first day we took the Tramway to the top of Mount Howard. The next morning we went for a ~4 mile hike along the Hurricane Creek trail. Then, in the afternoon we had a very nice horseback ride on some steep trails closer to Wallowa Lake. On monday we took a short hike to Falls Creek Falls, which we couldn't get too close to, unfortunately.

A little artwork to brighten your day


Clouds, sun, rain, flowers, birds, a campfire... what could possibly be better than that?

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