September 2011 Archives

Halloween Comes Early

Colin was really excited to make this bat craft project he saw in a book from school. The wings are made of foam, the "body" is a piece of garbage bag stuffed with newspaper. The "bones" in the wings were supposed to be sticks but we used cable ties. The eyes were supposed to be glitter glue, but we used buttons. And everywhere, generous helpings from the hot glue gun.

It was also important that the Bat hangs by thread that he can pull up and down from the other side of his bedroom door!


Team Dynamite

First day of Fall 2011 Soccer. We're team #26, aka Team Dynamite!

58776.jpg 58783.jpg

Time Traveler

A colleague friend of mine sent me this image the other day. The bad guy looks like me and has a jacket monogrammed with my initials! Maybe I was destined to be a computer criminal instead?


If only I could find my computer cassette detailing all my crimes...

Short Carrots

Our garden didn't amount to much this year. A few carrots survived and looked pretty good from above the ground. But when we dug them up they were all short and stubby. I wonder if the dirt was too hard?


2011 Latah County Fair

We had a lot of fun at the fair this year. We took some of Colin's pals with us and everyone got wristbands so they could have unlimited rides.


I forget how it came up, but a day or so before I was telling Colin that one of my favorite rides was the Tilt-A-Whirl. I wasn't really expecting to find it at this fair, but there it was. He wanted to go on it. I made him go on a tamer, tilt-a-whirl-alike first. He still wanted to try it after that. I took the picture below about 10 seconds before he changed his mind. He bolted from the seat just before it was about to start!


Later he met up with his pal Zach from school. They went on the ferris wheel...


...and the mini roller coaster.


I entered two photos in the amateur photo contest this year. My Floating Above the Fields picture received a bronze ribbon (i.e., 3rd place). I got dinged for questionable composition. The one above mine, of the underwater swimmers, got both best in class and best in show. The judges gave it high marks for the triangular composition.


Airway Hills Golf Top Ten List

Top Ten reasons that Airway Hills has the best mini-golf for miles around:

#10. Bunkers are well-maintained; clean enough for sunbathing!


#9. Great place to practice lining up your shots.


#8. Casual dress code


#7. A good place to contemplate golf as a metaphor for life


#6. Challenging water features


#5. Lots of places to rest


#4. Beautiful flowering water lilies


#3. Close to the airport


#2. Ski Dogs has great food and is the best place to recharge, especially after walking all 18 holes


#1. Friendliest service in town from Miss Stacey, who also used to be your pre-school teacher!


Perry the Platyplate

Colin etched this awesome Perry The Platypus plate at Wild@Art! The border reads "Doof" over and over, in honor of Perry's sworn enemy, the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz.