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Science Fair 2013

Colin's science fair project this year is "Testing Water Quality." This was something he actually wanted to do since last year, but due to poor planning on my part, he wasn't able to enter last year.

We bought a bunch of water quality testing kits and then he tested various kinds of water, including mud puddle, bottled water, rain water, and our in-house softened water before and after changing the filters. The kits test for lead, pesticide, nitrates, hardness, and more. While changing the filters we found some of them totally covered in a brown scum, so he also tested "scum water."


I tried to have him focus on the prediction (theories) aspect of doing science, but it's still a little hard to understand. I also had a hard time explaining the need and content of final conclusions. Not surprising, I hate doing that for my own work as well.

I really like the way he laid out the poster board! Good job Colin!