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Trick or Treat 2012

Some pals came over to our neighborhood for tricks and treats this year.  After a few slices of jack-o-lantern themed pizza, they put on the costumes and posed for photos:


Thats Colin as Perry "Agent P" the Platypus, Kai as the evil clown (with knives!), Zach as a Minecraft Enderman, and Hannah as a Creeper. Odie got dressed up too, but he had to stay home and bark at visitors:


After making a pass through the neighborhood, the kids dumped their haul on the carpet and proceeded to trade yucky items for yummy ones.

Minecraft has books!

A couple months ago, Colin brought home a completed school assignment where he wrote about how he really likes to read, but really doesn't like to write. Ah well....

But then, imagine my surprise when he showed me that he was writing a book, nay his Life Story, in Minecraft! Okay, maybe its just his "Minecraft Life Story..."


Trip Report: Toronto

I traveled to Toronto to attend the DNS-OARC and ICANN meetings. Since the meeting started on a Sunday, I had to fly on Saturday. Do you want to hear the good news first, or the bad news? The bad news is that I got whatever sickness Anne and Colin had. The good news is that I got to nearly throw up in first class!

I always enjoy getting little notes in my luggage. They were especially nice this time, since I wasn't feeling very well. I got to the hotel about 5pm and went straight to bed and stayed there for about about 16 hours.


On Monday my company sponsored a social event at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Can't say I'm much of a hockey fan (except for that one year in Colorado), but even I couldn't resist the charms of the Stanley Cup:


Did you know its official name is "The Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup?" Stanley wasn't so vain as to name it after himself:


I had a few free hours before flying home on Tuesday. I originally planned to visit the Royal Ontario Museum, but the subway only takes cash and I didn't have any. But that's okay, it was a lovely day to wander around the downtown. The CN Tower didn't really fit in my camera lens.


More Soccer Shots

Colin had a make-up soccer game today and the overcast weather meant it was a good day for taking photos.

For some reason Colin kept laughing when he got to do a couple of kicks:



And here, he is practicing for his new job as John Cleese's replacement at the Ministry of Silly Walks:


Pumpkin Harvest

This prize-winner is from our very own backyard garden! Maybe one of these years we'll figure out what it takes to grow pumpkins that can actually be carved. There is probably room for one, maybe two, seeds inside.