Trip Report: Prague

I had a pretty good flight schedule and arrived about 3pm. Rather than succumb to the desire for sleep, I took advantage of this free time to explore the city a little. The streets of Prague were not intuitively navigable. After a couple of false starts, I eventually found the lovely town square in the Old Town area:




I read in my tourist book about the large crowds that gather every hour to watch the "anti-climactic" Prague Astronomical Clock. Still, I wasn't prepared for what I saw. I thought maybe the crowd was larger than usual because there was a bride and groom at the base of the clock. I later learned that it is a wedding tradition to be photographed in front of historic sites.



I paid a few bucks to go to the top of the tower and take some pictures. Not a lot of room up there, but it was late in the day and not very busy.



I checked off another tourist must-do and walked across the Charles Bridge. It was moderately crowded and partially under restoration. Lots of neat statues on either side. A little difficult to photograph due to the ambient light.


On my final night, after a late dinner, we walked through the square and saw the Church of Our Lady before Týn all lit up. Even though I had to leave the hotel at 4AM for my flight, I got my camera and tiny tripod, walked back to the square and took a few long exposure shots.


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