Priest Lake Family Reunion

Below are my favorite pictures from our vacation to Priest Lake. Mostly kids, since I haven't yet learned how to photograph adults.

Our favorite memories include:

  • Almost running out of gas getting there. Our car told us we had enough gas to drive only one more mile when we reached the gas station.
  • The egg-toss!
  • Aprons for fathers day
  • PJ's bug collection (both living and not)
  • Skater game on the xbox
  • Catching bass in the morning off Dale's boat
  • The 4-hour game of Phase 10 where Kole joined the game late and almost won it all
  • Noisy bunkbeds in the bedroom that smelled like BBQ
  • Failing to read the ice-cream maker instructions and not realizing that you have to put it in the freezer 24-hours before you want to make ice-cream
  • When Kammryn caught a really feisty fish that just turned out to be a snag
  • Bonking Colin on the head when playing the ladder ball game
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