2010 Latah County Fair

Colin and I spent about 3 hours at the fair taking advantage of the $25 wrist-band. First, a "ride" where the kids climb up a series of ramps and nets, and the slide down a long slide and land on an inflated mattress:


Next, a house-of-mirrors with an upstairs and a curly slide down:


"The Sizzler" turned out to be his new favorite. Luckily we found some friends for him to ride with:


This little roller coaster really brings out the smiles:


Here's Colin getting ready to ride a little spaceship that goes in circles and up-and-down. We later found out that he's too tall for it, so they only let him on once:


This was the last ride of the day--small cars that go in a circle. I love the look of almost-boredom on his face.


Best part of the day is seeing my Bronze Award for my fireworks photo! Note the two dogs won best in show.


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