Tricks and Treats 2010


Colin wanted to go as a witch this year. Our neighbor friend Jordyn did a great job on his make-up, don't you think?!


Anne is also a witch. Duane is supposed to be "double rainbow guy." Only problem is that he forgot not everyone spends all day online like he does. Not many of our friends knew the double rainbow guy, even after Anne forwarded the video around as their homework.


Since we can never seem to remember how much candy to buy, and more importantly, how much to give out to each trick-or-treater, here is a note for our future selves:


Duane bought about 6 bags of mini candy bars and 4 pounds of loose candy at the Winco. Anne gave out multiple pieces at the start, but later became worried we'd run out. Here's the bowl at 7:40. We extinguished the lame-O-lantern shortly before 8:00.

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