Lewiston Winter Spirit

We visited the Lewiston Winter Spirit display Christmas Eve.

Winter Spirit, perhaps most well known for the display of lights on trees in Locomotive Park, was started by my awesome Uncle Larry many years ago. It was initially himself plus a few friends and volunteers hanging lights on trees. These days is a full-fledged organization with a board-of-directors, corporate sponsors, and all the rest. It has grown in size each year such that by now every tree in the park is lighted in one way or another. Larry always tells us how much he enjoys working with the "red shirts" -- local prisoners on work release who help decorate the park.

I was particularly excited to bring my fancy camera and try out the new tripod I received as a gift earlier in the day.


The park's locomotive is a huge draw, especially for kids. They get to pull the rope and ring the engine's bell. The lights are animated so that it looks like the wheels turn and clouds of smoke rise above the boiler.


If you find yourself in the region between Thanksgiving and New Year's, you should make a point to visit the park at night!

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