Bowling at Zeppoz

The kid and I have been bowling quite a bit since we moved here. The only place is Zeppoz, way over in Pullman.

Zeppoz is pretty nice. We can usually just "walk-in" on a Sunday afternoon, but sometimes they won't have any free lanes. I need to remember to call ahead.

I also need to remember his shoe size. Is it 12? 13?

Within the last year he stopped using the ramp and now throws the ball himself.


I swear the lanes aren't flat. His slow-rolling balls almost always fade to one side or the other. Perhaps they are designed that way so the balls will find a gutter rather than get stuck in the middle.


Sometimes he gets frustrated at being unable to get a strike or spare, and this is one of the few games we play where I don't let him win. A month ago, however, something unexpected happened. He beat me fair-and-square! He was "on fire" and had four spares!


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