Angry Reader of the Day

Back in October I managed to take a picture that I really liked. I knew right away that I wanted to submit it to our local newspaper, The Moscow-Pullman Daily News, "Reader Photo of the Day." But first I decided to clean it up a little bit.

The first complication was that only subscribers, with a login, can submit photos. Our subscription is in Anne's name, and she didn't recall the password. After a bit of snooping through old emails, I found it.

The next problem was that the web server upload page returned nothing but errors. Not a good sign, I thought, but they also gave an email address. So I emailed it to them. I didn't hear back.

I mentioned the upload problem to Anne and she offered to give it a try. She's had four of five submissions published. A week or two later she heard back. They told her it was scheduled for printing in February. I guess they have a 3 month backlog!?

On Thursday it was printed ... and credited to Anne!


Even though I'm really not surprised, I confess it still makes me angry. Stupid newspaper. Anne thinks its pretty funny, of course.

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