Trip Report: Atlanta

Returned home late last night from almost a week in Atlanta, Georgia (attending the joint NANOG and ARIN meetings).

The highlight was the NANOG social event at the Georgia Aquarium. We were allowed to wander through two of the exhibits. The first is the Ocean Voyager exhibit, with lots and lots of fish, an "underwater tunnel" that you can walk through, and a window that was 20 feet tall, 60 feet wide, and 2 feet thick. This pool contains whale sharks, hammerheads, rays, and lots of other fish. Here's a couple:



We were also allowed to see the Tropical Diver exhibit, which includes generally smaller fish, some adorable spotted garden eels, and some jellyfish:


During one of the breaks I took a walk through nearby Piedmont Park around sunset:


Later in the week I took a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. The visitor's center is quite nice, except for the fact that photos are not allowed. They have some very neat things on display, such as a box of 2.3 million in $5 bills, and lots of examples of old forms of currency. You can watch some of the operations where they have "robots" (which look like unmanned forklifts) that transport large boxes of cash back and forth. Each robot has a name like Ben, Andy, Alex, and Abe.

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