Corn Maze and Launcher

Today the kiddo and I visited a corn maze on a farm north of Pullman. Before getting to the maze, however, we got distracted by the corn launcher:


They're selling 5 launches for $2 and giving out free snacks if you can hit one of the targets:


After a few launches we entered the maze. I didn't think it was going to be particularly difficult because (a) the ground is not entirely flat so you can see other people and paths, and (b) the corn is a little short in places. Colin was having a blast, telling people about the dead ends.


Then we got separated. Shocking, I know.

He ran ahead and made a turn that I didn't. After a bit I could hear him calling for me, but I wasn't sure if he was further along or still stuck in places we'd already been. Eventually I found the right path to make progress. When I got to an open-ish area I called for him and saw him pop up out of the corn a few rows away. He had been breifly adopted by another family in the maze. When we reunited he was visibly relived but held his composure. He was in high spirits when we found the exit.

After the maze we did the tiny hay-bale maze, played corn hole and took some stick-your-head-through-the-hole photos.


Then, back to the launcher where we invested another $6 in trying to hit the targets. He got close a couple of times, but never quite hit the plywood.