Meet Sparkle and Glory


We decided to take ol' Bluedog to the pet store for his annual-ish doggy shower. As I'm sure you can deduce, this was a pet store that also sold fish.

Colin turned up the begging and was asking for all sorts of fancy fish. I steered him to the cheap goldfish (60ยข each) and talked him down from 10 fish to just 2. Thinking that this might be a brief lesson in keeping a pet, I planned that the fish would live in an old fishbowl we have. We went home, confirmed the existence of the bowl, rinsed out some sand for it, filled it up with water, and returned to the store to buy the fish and food.

On the way home I asked him the completely obvious question: "what will you name your new fish?"

"Sparkle and Glory," he said, without hesitation. A tribute to the Fourth of July, I believe.

Colin has so far been very good about feeding them just a little each day. One flake per fish. Good thing we read Fish Out Of Water long ago.

After a couple of days, the fishbowl water became cloudy with no hope of magically improving. After asking the Internets, I was overcome with guilt for thinking that two goldfish could live in a small, filterless bowl.

Three trips to the pet store, and $55 later, we have a 5 gallon tank with a filter, hood, and light.