Where to get Cookies in Downtown Moscow

It is hard to deny that I have an addiction to cookies. I often bring some homemade cookies with my lunch, but when that doesn't happen I must venture out in search of a sweet, after lunch snack. There are a few choices within walking distance of my office downtown. Deciding where and when to go is a complicated process that only advanced computer algorithms can solve. Here are some inputs to the algorithm:

Wheatberries makes the best cookies in Moscow. Shown here is a Peanut Butter cookie. They also usually have "everything," chocolate chip, dark chocolate, and seasonal cookies. Their cookies are baked right in the store daily. Of all the cookies in town, these taste and feel the most like home-made. The only problem with Wheatberries is they are not open on Mondays and they often sell out before 3pm. Price $1.00 (50ยข after 2pm).


Moscow Bagel is a strong runner-up. There was a time when their cookies came in plastic cling wrap, leading me to question their freshness. But now they are much better and have quite a few flavors to choose from. In addition to Chocolate Chip shown here, I really like their White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. Their cookies are a tad dense, with not-quite-cooked-all-the-way-through centers. Also, they really like to steam things there and unless you get your cookie to-go, they just might steam it for you. Price $1.59.


Bucer's is a too-hip-for-me coffee shop on Main St. They have three standard cookie flavors, but I always get the Monster cookie, shown here. I don't even remember what the other choices are. The cookie itself is pretty good, although a little bit too soft and crumbly. If you're not careful they might nuke it for you, which makes it even worse. Ordering at Bucer's is often a test of my patience. If there are a few people in line, and only one barista, I'll have to wait while their drinks are made. Also I get mildly annoyed at always being asked "nothing to drink?" Price $1.65.


Moscow Food Coop makes a number of cookie flavors with clever names, such as the Troll Haus shown here. I assume that their cookies are made on-site in the building. You can pick your own from the bins next to the cash registers. They seem to be popular, which is to say they occasionally sell out. I love the Coop for lunch, however, I rarely get my cookies here. I suppose it's because, for the price, they are on the small side and not particularly special. Price $1.43.


Sister's Brew is another very hip coffee shop near my office. They sell cookies made by the Alternative Baking Company (Sacramento, CA), which come wrapped in plastic. It is, apparently, a vegan cookie: no eggs! no trans fat! no dairy! It's probably due to the vegan-ness, and price, but I find it a poor excuse for a cookie. The only time I'd go here is when Weatberries is closed, Moscow Bagel is being remodeled, the queue at Bucer's is unbearable, and it's snowing too much to walk back toward the Coop. Price $2.39.


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