A company trip took me to Pennsylvania. We had to sign up for one of four activities: paintball, trap shooting, off-road driving, or a tour of Fallingwater. At first I thought it was a hike to see some waterfalls. Then I learned that we'd be touring a very famous house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.


Almost every picture that you see of this house looks just like this one. It is operated as a museum and they don't allow photographs inside or from the house itself. There is one good viewpoint a short hike away.

The tour was pretty interesting, although it was a little crowded. It was raining and so they went into "rain mode" which meant more people in the house and less time outside. Our guide kept referring to Wright in the present tense ("See these windows? Wright does this because blah blah blah") which I found odd, but maybe its required for devotees.