Aspendale Community Hall

Today I drove to my Aunt and Uncle's farm to borrow some wheat seed. On the way I passed this building, which looks like it must have been a one-room school house long ago:


The faded sign above the door says this is "Aspendale."


I asked Connie about it and she remembers that it was a community hall where she and other farm families met monthly for a number of years. She also told me about a man from the area, now 80 years old, who recalled attending school there.

The Internet was reluctant to give up any secrets that it knows about a school at or named Aspendale. It seems to think that Aspendale, ID is a real town, but it shows the location about 20 miles west of here. Perhaps the best clue I found was at the end of this history of Genesee, where it mentions that a number of rural school districts, including Aspendale, where combined to create the Joint Genesee district in 1947. I also found this article in a 1953 issue of The Genesee News interesting, if not relevant.

Also interesting that the searching gives many hits for "Aspendale Wildlife Habitat Area" and "Aspendale Community Hall Idaho."

On my way back I noticed this sign and couldn't resist it: