Thanksgiving in Boise

We spent Thanksgiving this year with Grandpa Roy and Grandma Sue, down south in Boise town.


Dinner was very traditional -- turkey, dressing, cranberries, and both kinds of potatoes. It was exquisite! And for desert both pumpkin pie and cheesecake.

I forgot my "No, I won't fix your computer" shirt and was duly pressed into tech support. At least the solutions were simple!

Bradleigh and I stayed up late and witnessed the spectacle of Best Buy at midnight first hand. We stood in three lines. The only one that moved faster than 2 feet/hour was the one to get in the store. Once inside it was just ridiculously slow and stupid. We left without opening our wallets.

Colin and I spent a few quality hours at Pojo's, where they had all-you-can-eat bumper cars. He must've gone 25 times!

Back at the ranch, when we weren't playing the Wii, we played blackjack with Grandpa Roy's good poker chips. Maybe next year we'll graduate to five card stud.

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