Conquering the Snowhaven T-Bar

Today we joined the Perryman family for a trip to Snowhaven in Grangeville. It was a really great day. The only thing that could've made it perfect was some fluffier snow. But it is March....


Colin took a 1-hour private lesson. They started out on the rope-tow, and then (to my surprise) switched to the T-bar. I managed to fall while going up the T-bar. I scooched to the side and got this picture of Colin with his instructor going up the second time:


We were worried that the T-bar would be too difficult, especially without the ski instructor. Colin and I tried to go up together, but it didn't work. The bar was in the middle of his back and so we aborted that attempt. Next time, he and Mick went up together and made it all the way to the top. We were thrilled!

He and Mick made a few more attempts, but never made it to the top together again. Colin didn't give up. (Well, actually he did give up once and walked down the hill leaving me to carry his skis down the hill). But he was determined to conquer the T-bar. After lunch he and I went on it a few times. He went by himself and I by myself. We made it to the top four more times I think, with two attempts resulting in a midway crash.


Colin oscillated between the rope-tow and the T-bar. But that may have been just to get enough momentum to make it over to the T-bar queue. The rope was really heavy and wore a deep rut toward the end of the day that made it difficult to use.


Initially we thought that the boys would ski for half the day and tube for the other half. They did tube a little, but skiing was the favorite. We were so proud of our boys for sticking with it and having a great time skiiing!