Sampling at Jamms

Jamms is one of our favorite places to go for a treat. They have yummy frozen yogurt, toppings, cool decor, and a board of customer doodles. But here's an important pro-tip: pay close attention to the labels!

The sign here reads:

Sample -- Verb -- to take a sample or samples of; to test or judge. Please limit samples to those you need to test or judge for purchase!

And below the sign you see the container labeled "Sample Cup." And if you're not paying attention, you might not see that this label continues around the container....


where it says "...Trash."


Now I would certainly forgive you if you thought that these contained the fresh sample cups and you grabbed one and used it. I mean, its possible that an unused cup was crushed just a little because somebody took one too many and they squeezed it just a little to hard when putting it back, right? I could forgive you...but could you forgive yourself?