Doggie Postop

The dog had a crazy day, getting neutered and having four dewclaws removed at the same time. They were just dangling there and didn't seem to be attached. The dewclaws I mean. He came home from the vet with striped green socks on.


The stitches in his crotch don't bother him nearly as much as the bandages on his feet. Sometimes he has to wear the cone of shame. We're not supposed to let the bandages get wet, either from licking or from water outside. Anne has been good about wrapping his feet in sandwich baggies with rubber bands when going for a walk:


I took him for a walk (without baggies) and one of the neighbors said, "Ah... now I see. you had his claws removed? I thought maybe he just didn't like getting his feet wet?"

So: (a) its surprising how many people don't know about dewclaws, and (b) that someone would think its normal to remove all a dog's claws, and (c) what kind of dog cares about its feet getting wet!?