Trip Report: Vancouver

Took a short trip to Vancouver, B.C. for a meeting of the American Registry for Internet Numbers. I flew from Moscow to Seattle to Portland to Vancouver, instead of waiting longer in Seattle and arriving an hour later. Descending into Vancouver at night I couldn't help but notice what seemed to be a large lighted area on nearby mountains. I assumed it was some kind of ski area, perhaps even the place where ski jumpers trained.

As it turns out, we all got to go there the next evening. The meeting sponsor arranged for a social event at Grouse Mountain. The mountain is serviced by two large gondolas which take you to the lodge and base of the ski hill. I was a little surprised to see people still skiing and boarding this late.

In addition to a nice buffet dinner, we were also entertained by the lovely barn owl below, and some "lumberjacks" playing with axes and chainsaws.


There was a very nice sunset, but no where to stand that didn't include the gondola wires in the shot.


I brought my tripod along, eager to see if I could get a nice picture of the city from up high. It was a little difficult due to the trees near the lodge.


Can you see the yellow things in the lower right corner? Those are apparently large piles of sulfur waiting to be shipped out.

There were no events planned for Tuesday, so I convinced my colleagues Jacques and Casey that we should go get some pizza. We asked the Internet for a recommendation and ended up at a great quirky place nearby.