Memorial Day 2012

Every year on Memorial Day my Mom visits the Cottonwood Cemetery where her parents and sister are buried. This year I invited myself to go along. She'd been there a few days earlier to place potted flowers around the graves, so on Monday we went together to pick them up, refresh my fading memories, and take some pictures.

I first went to the Moscow Cemetery, hoping to catch the flag-raisers. Seems like they didn't have as many volunteers this year, which made me realize that next year I should help out instead of just wandering around with a camera.

Next we went to Cottonwood where four generations from my Mom's family are buried. Then we drove through the town to have a look at the old family house. We talked about how there are no direct relatives living there anymore, how Cottonwood is changing, where the City Electric shop used to be, and so on.

Then we visited Dad's hometown of Greencreek. I enjoyed hearing about how, back then, it was a big deal to drive all the way to Cottonwood (about 7 miles away). They might see each other only once a week when dating. After seeing the Wessels relatives in the Greencreek Cemetery, we drove past Harry and Tillie's old farm house before heading home.

I'm trying something different with the pictures this time. You can click on them to enlarge and then use arrow keys to go back and forth.

Headstone at Moscow Cemetery
This is at the Moscow Cemetery. Not a relative, I just like the looks of this old headstone in the morning light.
Carole Kopczynski
My Aunt Carole's headstone.
Stan and Bertha
Grandma and Grandpa, Stan and Bertha.
August and Lena
Great grandparents, August and Lena.
August and Mary
Great-great grandparents, August and Mary. The first Kopczynski's on the Camas Prairie. They were both originally from an area that is now Poland, met and married in Chicago, moved to Kansas, and then eventually to Cottonwood.
Idaho soldier William Bies
Idaho soldier William Bies at the Cottonwood Cemetery.
Georg Subert
Mom remembers that her great grandfather, Georg Seubert (Lena's father), donated the original land for the Cottonwood Cemetery. It appears to be carved out of the adjacent field.
Harry and Tillie
Grandparents, Harry and Tillie at the Greencreek Cemetery.
My Dad's brother, Teddy, drowned at age 22.
Herman and Bernadine
Great Grandparents, Herman and Bernadine.
View of Greencreek from the cemetery
The Greencreek Cemetery has a wonderful view of the town and surrounding area.
Greencreek residents
This large sign in Greencreek shows the names and distances to the surrounding residents and their farms. The top board difficult to read, but it says Elmer Wessels. He is my Dad's cousin and has a house just across from this sign. I've written about Elmer and his family's honey before.
St. Anthony's Church
St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Greencreek, ID.
Formerly Wessels' Farm
This is the little farm a few miles out of town where my Dad's family lived for many years. I do believe I found it on google maps.