Father's Day 2012

It was a great Father's Day this year. Grandpa Roy came to visit, which made it extra special. Saturday we all went golfing at the local putt-putt and driving range. It was Grandpa's third golf game that day. He was a good sport about it.

On Sunday the O'Shaughnessy's took us for a trip down memory lane on Dworshak Reservoir. As kids and teenagers our family spent many weekends there. It was always a bit of a race to get up to the lake to reserve the best campsite, 10.9!

Some things haven't changed, such as the blustery weather and dangerous driftwood debris. But a few changes were obvious, such as the floating outhouses and "destination docks." Even though there was a threat of rain, the weather was quite nice. Some of us fished, some of us jumped in the water, and we all enjoyed the little picnic on the dock.

Thanks John and Karen for taking us out on your boat!

Getting ready
Preparing to hit the links.
Water hazard
Grandpa found the water hazard.
Boat launch
Launching the boat at Big Eddy.
Three navigators
It takes three to navigate this reservior.
Maybe rain
The forecast called for rain.
These be familiar waters!
Little waterfall at Dick's Creek.
family photo
Family photo.
nap time
Perfect time and place for an afternoon nap.
splash happy
Happy to be splashed by the waves and wind.