Kopczynski Reunion 2012

We spent the last week with our Kopczynski relatives in McCall. Zeke and Ann Marie were kind enough to let us invade their beautiful lake cabin, and the weather couldn't've been better!

We fished from Dale's boat, and the dock, but had nary a nibble, although Colin did reel in a squawfish caught by Dale. Paul and Garry took me fly fishing for the first time. I think I did okay, but again, no fish to be had.

There were numerous canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. Colin had the best time on the large blue paddleboard. It's better than a canoe because there is no sidewall to get in the paddle's way. On the third day he finally tried it standing up, with much success! Even dear ol' dad gave it a try.

The cabin had a good sized yard, and a great beach. I stopped at the local gem store and paid perhaps too much money for a bag of polished rocks. They were then scattered in the sand to be found as buried treasure. I thought it would keep the youngsters busy for an hour or so, but it was more like 10 minutes. Until the older kids came, and then there was renewed interest! Lawn darts (no longer for sale in this country?) was a big hit as well. Bocce ball was more of a challenge. The ground could've been flatter and the shiny balls attracted kids.

I spent a lot of time with the camera. On our second night the conditions were perfect for photographing the stars. The skies were clear and dark, and the moon was elsewhere. Unfortunately, it was also the summer solstice, which meant I had to stay up quite late waiting for the stars to shine. A couple of mornings I got up early and went in search of waterfalls and other interesting sights.

Thanks to everyone who came and made it a great time!

Payette Lake sunset.
Fishing on Dale's boat. He looks like he's ready to take on some protesters.
Thanks for untangling the line, Uncle Paul!
Hiking to the secret pond.
A couple of hungry foxes had to hunt for their breakfast.
lawn darts
Lawn darts was a big hit. And nobody died.
Rancho Relaxo.
Colin spent a lot of time sitting on this paddleboard. He was very good about staying within the boundaries.
Even spent some time standing on it!
Digging for treasure.
North Fork Payette River, just above Pearl Creek.
milky way
Mikly Way over the lake.