Rendezvous in the Park 2012

Lovely wife Anne is a board member for the "Rendezvous for Kids" arts festival associated with Moscow's Rendezvous in the Park. She recruited volunteers and helped organize all sorts of activities for the kids. At her table they crafted robots from recycle computers and other parts. Colin and some of his pals became obsessed with finger knitting. He turned a skein of yarn into a 25-foot long, but very narrow scarf.

Thanks to Anne's hard work we received complimentary passes for the evening events. We went Thursday and Friday, but couldn't make it on Saturday. I enjoyed the music of Cataldo, Double G - The Funky One Man Band, and Darren Smith.

The sand pit volleyball court was covered, so the kids couldn't throw sand at each other this year. Bummer. They seemed to find a way to have fun anyway, playing in the fountain and spitting water.

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Students from the Moscow High School Glee Club taught the younger kids a song earlier in the day, which they performed onstage between acts.
Eric Anderson Cataldo
Eric Anderson from Cataldo.
Cataldo performing at the 2012 Rendezvous in the Park.
Glee Club
The Glee Club is invited join Cataldo on stage.
Colin can't stop fingerkinitting. After finishing the entire skein, he'll complain of phantom yarn encircling his fingers.
Double G
Double G and the Funky One Man Band.